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The DTML has had numerous range sites. The last old site, along the James River, burned in a fire (that site sat directly on Drifting Goose's reservation and home area). The current range is located approximately 15 miles south of Aberdeen. Landowner Lance Fuhrman allows the club to use an old tree claim on the corner of his field as we desire. The range has been in use since 1998 (?? - or close!) and has a 90-yard target/gong range, 75-yard primitive range, hawk & knife block, archery targets, outdoor fire pit, clubhouse, storage shed and outhouses. Not only is the site used for monthly shoots, but also for the annual Drifting Goose Rendezvous

Many people have donated time, materials and/or money since the range's inception. Most recently, the following individuals or businesses have donated in some capacity (beyond scheduled club clean-up weekends):

Joe CardaCrawford Trucks (target stands) Ralph Jescke ($ private)
John GravesDan Jaragoski (primitive wheelbarrow)Ed Hofer ($ private)
John ThelenDon's Welding (stove)Aberdeen KMart $20.00 G.C.
Mike ThelenFrank Zahn (windows)
Richard UnderwoodHub City (steel targets)
John Graves (archery targets, table)
John Thelen (windows, target stands, trap thrower, chairs)
Mike Thelen (stove, table, hardware/lanterns, chairs, storage containers)
Nilsson Farms (Clubhouse, archery haybale)
Richard Underwood (windows, storage containers)
Trent Deyo (shed)
Truckworld (target stands)

The old building moved back for storage and the new building just after setting down

Inside after cleaning/interior wall removal

Inside facing the range (west) after windows and stove work

John Graves painting the north side

John Thelen scrapes the west side

South and east just after moving the building on-site

Windows and paint on the finished south and east sides

Would you trust these two to put windows in your home?

The current project of moving and completing the new clubhouse has incurred higher than anticipated expenses. The Dacotah Territory Muzzle Loaders are seeking monetary donations to help offset those costs. If you would like to assist (and have your name listed above!), please send your donation to:

38532 149th St.
Mansfield, SD

Any and all donations are welcome and tremendously appreciated!

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